This site gathers all my fantasy universes into one neat reference. It provides a single stop for anyone who wants to enjoy the entire interconnecting family saga without having to travel multiple sites. Links to the more comprehensive webpages are above.

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Pull up a chair to my chaotically charming corner office on the internet. It features wall-spanning windows into the deepest, darkest, and thoroughly thought provoking reservoir of my imagination.

In various posts, you may hear me ramble on about Jigsaw Puzzle, a crazy, long-eared invisible black and white piebald squirrel. Or Calico Winghorse, the demonic phoenix wizard obsessed with proper morals. Both these characters and others drive me batty and usually run my writing life. I just might have to cut them into a partnership deal because they’re around so much. So put on your industrial strength crash helmet, buckle your seat beat, and hang onto your butt.

Ambassador to Phoenix Gods
Centaur Activist
Personal Assistant to One Demonic Wizard Who Can’t Let Go of the Victorian Era.