Infinity 8

A Work In Progress

The Demon Lord of California book 1

Angels. Demons.
A Mongrel Phoenix.
Infinity Corporation.
They’re Earth’s Only Hope.

The Demon Lord of California. Half Demon, Half Angel. Leader of Infinity 8.
Baker. Wizard. Demonic Phoenix. God of Space and Time









Infinity 8 is an urban fantasy with heavy romantic elements set in the early 1900s. We follow Calico Winghorse and his brothers as they become caught up in a paranormal corporation run by angels bent on protecting humanity from otherworld threats.  It also happens that Calico and his brothers are not from the recognized and deemed safe planes of existence…

There will also be a sequel series, set in modern day.

To learn more about Infinity 8, head over to ICHQ–Infinity Corporation Headquarters.