Coming soon: A New Phoenix Embryo Cover

April 2017 Newsletter

Acanthus Breese by M. Mercury

Just a heads up for any Seasons of the Phoenix fans. A brand new, all different cover for The Phoenix Embryo will be revealed by the end of April. It will knock your socks off!

I’ve also scheduled a June appointment for The Phoenix Hatchling’s cover to be painted. That means I’ll be unearthing the completed draft of book 2 in May and examining it with a magnifying glass.

While Hatchling does not have a release date, I can assure you I’m back on track with this series. It took me some time (years) to pick myself up and dust off after so many setbacks. Setbacks that involved realizing I needed to believe in myself, the stories I wanted to write, and to stop worrying about what other people thought of them.

I did feel that I compromised a lot on, and held back on both my dark fantasy novels: The Phoenix Embryo, and Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs. Such a shame. Because I was trying to fit into mainstream markets and be generally accepted. I realize now what a huge mistake that was. So here’s to the struggle of rising like the phoenix, and completely breaking out of the mold!

Introducing Infinity 8: an urban fantasy soap opera series

CalicoPortraitI’m implementing changes and other edits on Infinity 8. It’s a fun urban fantasy soap opera with lgbtq characters. And tons of family drama.

Last night I polished 239 pages. (Whew!!) and have 109 pages left. Beta reads are just around the corner! Now to pick a date for professional editing as well.

The story of Infinity 8 is about Calico Winghorse and the inter-dimensional portal he constructed as a small child. Calico is a mongrel demon wizard triplet from another realm. He is also the God of Space and Time.

This particular series is really titled The New Infinity 8, as there are plans to take Calico back to his younger days. That series will have a prefix of The Original Infinity 8. To learn more, stay tuned!

Writers, Get Organized For the New Year With A Calendar

So it’s nearly 2017, and a clean slate to organize ourselves is on the horizon.

Bask in how pristine my new calendar currently is. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Writers, now is the time to start planning if you haven’t considered doing so before. Not only might it increase your workflow, imagine how good it will feel when you can see all the progress you’ve made?

For me, I work best with the paper medium to keep track, but there’s all sorts of ways you can do it. There are online calendars, and online ones you can print out.

For starters, check out Google’s Calendar. Quick and easy, especially since most people already have a gmail account.  If not, the link will take you to a page to create an account. The ‘create account’ link is below the log in box.

If you want to start right now with a print out, don’t want to use Google, and don’t want to waste time shopping, check out Calendar Labs, and the printable templates.

Now go forth, write and plan!