August 2017 Update

Author rendition of a Dasheel firebird.
The Dasheel Phoenix (The red firebird)

[Note: This will be one of my last detailed blasts as I will now be using my newsletter to share progress reports. Fear not, I’ll still post new book releases here after my newsletter receives them.]

Huzzah! Yesterday, I conquered a scene in a chapter of The Demon Lord of California. It was giving me fits for months. With that roadblock behind me, things are picking up speed.

Throwing a teaser out here, that problem chapter deals squarely with cementing the relationship between Calico and Agustin. While this fun urban fantasy novella is so close to being done, it will require some clean up before it’s ready. Hopefully not long!

But right now, I’m drained.  So I thought I would torment my dark fantasy readers and say The Phoenix Hatchling is still very much on the table.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m writing Hatchling in tandem with The Phoenix Fledgling, because it’s pretty much a continuation of a larger sub-storyline. Both books already have solid foundations,  they just need some fleshing out.  That means, once Hatchling finally gets released, Fledgling won’t be too far behind.  Also, a good chunk of the fourth book is also done, but has been gathering dust. Click here to read more about that.

With the creation of my email newsletter, over the next few months, I just might drop a few teaser chapters of Demon Lord and Phoenix Hatchling. But the catch is you have to be signed up get them.

Also exclusive to my newsletter, and coming soon, are character bios, portraits, and listenable theme music. I may also be telling secrets from time to time.

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Dark fantasy updates March 2017

I’m having great fun working on my urban fantasy series of Infinity 8, even if the main character, Calico Winghorse, takes immense delight in keeping me on my toes. Again, if you’re interested in I8, please visit the Infinity 8 site.

However, this particular blog is set aside for my dark fantasy. So, sometime in late April or early May, I will start gearing up to work on my Seasons of the Phoenix saga. Book 2, called The Phoenix Hatchling, has already been written, but requires some in-depth restructuring. I will share more when the time comes.

You’ll be excited to know that a revised cover reveal is coming up in the next two months. Yes, it’s for book 1: The Phoenix Embryo. After a long search, I came across a fantastic artist who will be handling my Phoenix saga covers.  Teaser: phoenix birds will grace the covers. More on that later.

Lastly, is a report on my neglected Elemental Rain trilogy featuring Pony, a bipedal half breed centaur. The plot line, as well as many of the characters have run into some very tangled complications. I’m working on it when they have something to whisper in my ear. There is hope for it, but it’s not on the schedule just yet. Until next time!


Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs 2nd edition

Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs (TRAMM)  is now available on Amazon. The ebook will be free starting November 20th to November 22nd.

TRAMM is book 1 of The Elemental Rain Trilogy. This gritty dark fantasy has a brand new cover with additional and revised content. The story pushes boundaries. It explores society’s perception of people, taboos, and personal relationships.

Dark fantasy 2nd edition cover
New Cover
A gritty dark fantasy. GLBTQ elements.
Old Cover

Pony is a bipedal half-centaur mail courier who just wants to concentrate on her rocky relationship with Mardyth, an elven male courtesan.

Her mysterious and painful past catches up to her when Konstantine Bywater takes over as Lightfoot Delivery’s new boss.

The title of book 2 has been changed. It is now called Through Rain And Rogue Faerie.

Hammering Out a Second Edition part 13: The End

It’s been about a month and a half since I posted a blog for this series. But I am happy to say the second edition of Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs (book 1) has gone through its final polish, and its final read.

It’s been sent off to my editor. Ahead of schedule. In November, it heads to formatting and gets brand new cover art. (Side note: The Phoenix Embryo will be getting a new cover sometime in 2016.)

So, huzzah!

This has been a wonderful, yet frustrating experience. But I’ve grown and learned so much more about writing while toiling away on the second editions of TRAMM, and also The Phoenix Embryo. I’ve learned to trust myself, and to have fun. To write the story the way it’s meant to be written, and in my own style. Now I can move forward and tackle new projects. A clean slate is so freeing.

What am I working on now?

Well, I figured I should actually get to finishing the two series I’ve already created. And I will. That’s how you bring in readers. However, there is another project that’s already more than half done. It’s quite different from my dark fantasy dramas, and it’s not a door stopper like my dark fantasies.  I’m having a blast writing it.

And authors, that’s what your novels should be. Stories and characters you want to spend time with.

I’ll be mapping out the storyboard for Through Rain and Marauding Centaurs (book 2) this month. This Elemental Rain series is a trilogy, and I already know how it’s going to end. The last title is quite the spoiler, so I’ll smile when I say you’ll just have to read the books and stop by later to find out what it is.