Introducing Infinity 8: an urban fantasy soap opera series

CalicoPortraitI’m implementing changes and other edits on Infinity 8. It’s a fun urban fantasy soap opera with lgbtq characters. And tons of family drama.

Last night I polished 239 pages. (Whew!!) and have 109 pages left. Beta reads are just around the corner! Now to pick a date for professional editing as well.

The story of Infinity 8 is about Calico Winghorse and the inter-dimensional portal he constructed as a small child. Calico is a mongrel demon wizard triplet from another realm. He is also the God of Space and Time.

This particular series is really titled The New Infinity 8, as there are plans to take Calico back to his younger days. That series will have a prefix of The Original Infinity 8. To learn more, stay tuned!

Seasons of the Phoenix Update February 2015

Acanthus Breese by M. Mercury.
Acanthus Breese by M. Mercury. Thank you!

At a minor crossroads of frustration and indecision, (I’m supposed to be working on my second edition of TRAMM) I swept together the scattered fragments of The Phoenix Hatchling.

The Phoenix Hatchling  is book two of my Seasons of the Phoenix saga. The gathered material above is just over 200k. This consists of scenes removed from The Phoenix Embryo that didn’t work, or ran the main plot into a different direction.

Maybe about 30% of this is material for Idris’s book, and a bit for The Phoenix egg. A small combination of this also includes scene-repeats from Embryo that need culling.

Hatchling may be told in a two-part structure within its pages. I have yet to sort through the material.

Idris’s story, The Phoenix Reflection is already written in a rough first draft format. It’s been sitting around for a while, and at this point, it appears to be a Male/Male action or drama romance. Again, at this point I am unsure if Reflection needs to be split into two separate books–but I am leaning toward that. There might be two strong plots that need equal attention. I won’t know for sure until I tackle said project. Idris’s adventures will not be under the umbrella of Acanthus’s SOTP series title, but the stories are related.

A simpler breakdown:

Seasons of the Phoenix
(Acanthus Breese)

Idris Wynn Breese
(Series Title Pending)

The Phoenix Egg (pending) The Phoenix Reflection
The Phoenix Embryo now available (click for details) X
The Phoenix Hatchling (work in progress) X

I will probably have to work on Phoenix Hatchling, and Phoenix Reflection side by side, because of the related content. Some of the story in Reflection may overlap Embryo. Again, time will tell if I need to split Idris’s story into two separate books!