Dark fantasy updates March 2017

I’m having great fun working on my urban fantasy series of Infinity 8, even if the main character, Calico Winghorse, takes immense delight in keeping me on my toes. Again, if you’re interested in I8, please visit the Infinity 8 site.

However, this particular blog is set aside for my dark fantasy. So, sometime in late April or early May, I will start gearing up to work on my Seasons of the Phoenix saga. Book 2, called The Phoenix Hatchling, has already been written, but requires some in-depth restructuring. I will share more when the time comes.

You’ll be excited to know that a revised cover reveal is coming up in the next two months. Yes, it’s for book 1: The Phoenix Embryo. After a long search, I came across a fantastic artist who will be handling my Phoenix saga covers.  Teaser: phoenix birds will grace the covers. More on that later.

Lastly, is a report on my neglected Elemental Rain trilogy featuring Pony, a bipedal half breed centaur. The plot line, as well as many of the characters have run into some very tangled complications. I’m working on it when they have something to whisper in my ear. There is hope for it, but it’s not on the schedule just yet. Until next time!


Dividing My Work For The Better

My websites always seems to be changing. Constantly.  I’m either swapping templates for a fresh look or tweaking my headers. I never seem satisfied.  I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

Recently, I’ve split my dark fantasy universe from my urban fantasy series of Infinity 8. Why? Because it’s all about the tones. The settings and feel will all be very different and generally, so will the audience. I’d considered a pen name, but that would just be more trouble than it’s worth, especially since I write in one big universe with the majority of my characters being related in some sense.

Infinity 8 is lighter, with more focus upon quest romance.  My dark fantasy is gritty and out of the box. It’s not for the faint of heart and most people don’t know what to think of it. It’s quest oriented with romantic elements. Although it’s possible the formulas may blend in future books.

It’s also possible that those who read my dark fantasy will enjoy I8, and vice versa. But separating the novels (as you can see in my menu above) will serve the reader better, as well as keep everything organized and easy to find.